EU Pay Transparency Readiness Check

Helping you understand where to start, develop your roadmap for change and build confidence on equal pay to be ready for greater pay transparency.

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Job structures

We'll assess how robust your job structures are and whether they objectively define work of equal value, the very first step for pay equity.

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Pay practices and policies

Pay is at the centre of the directive, so do your pay policies, ranges and practices stand up to scrutiny?

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Data and analytics

Data and analytics will be critical for calculating the gender pay gaps that you will need to report in the future, assess if gaps can be explained by objective reasons and allows you to assess if your pay processes are operating as intended.

We'll help you understand the analysis you'll need to run and how software can help you with this.

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Educate stakeholders

Pay transparency is going to be a cultural shift for organisations and employees, and getting it right is a must. We assess where you are in your education and communication journey, what you have done so far, and share external best practices to further inform your roadmap for change.

What do you get from the readiness check?

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With our readiness check you'll become more confident about the route ahead and what your priority areas will be. We'll provide an initial understanding of where you are to date, key gaps in current pay structures, policies and communications that are a priority to address for the Directive.

You will get insights if and where there are unexplainable pay gaps of 5% + by entity and category of worker, based on available data, as a priority for remedial action.

Then we'll use the insights to develop a high-level roadmap for preparation for the Directive and provide the basis for the business case for resources.